Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) now has become the norm of the day. Earlier preferred by only large businesses, today smaller enterprises are also going for it. After all who wouldn’t wish for simpler systems, accuracy and ease of data in their business be it large or small. ERP solutions have been around for some time assisting the industry in streamlining their complex functions in an integrated fashion.

All said and done, why is the need for ERP in the first place? Well, to simplify the rigor and increase the efficiency of a business process.

5 Reasons why your company should use ERP

Consistently Smoothes Functioning – An ERP solution for small business helps them to review its systems, what works perfectly for it, the scope for improvement, the processes and the workflows which ensues. It also improves efficiency through speeding up the process, and gaining accuracy in the overall business operations. An organized business be it a large organization or smaller enterprise has greater chances of improving its productivity when their systems are integrated and easily accessible by their employees. The automation of multiple systems integrated together helps to reduce time and labour cost while smoothing the operations process.

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Business Management through single system – One of the key advantages of ERP is single point management of multiple core areas of business. The different business functions are seamlessly integrated together which allows them to communicate with each other as part of a larger system. For example in Sales department when an order is confirmed a transaction is generated by the ERP for the finance department which then integrates with the production floor generating work order for them, thus updating the change in inventory and furthermore updating the purchase department to restock the sold product. Thus, a single system becomes a one-touch base for multiple departments from where each one can access and store information relevant to them and the business as a whole. Recording and managing information therefore, becomes easier with the use of ERP.

Reduces Cost & Increases productivity – ERP softwares are one of the crucial tools used by the companies to analyze the real-time data and trends about their business and forecast future needs. Businesses depend on these systems to strategise and plan accordingly. It not only helps to save time and operational costs, but reduces delivery time as well. Since all the information is saved in a single system it acts as a warehouse of information for all sources. The overall productivity of the staff enhances as their time to procure information and utilize it is reduced.

Problem solving time reduced – Since a large amount of data and information constantly flows in the ERP process it is easier to understand and tackle the problems that arise. With more and more organizations resorting to customized ERPs any issue arising can be quickly highlighted since they have real time information of the process and data, thus saving time and cost. The organizations first evaluate on how the ERP for small business can be effectively used to their optimum. This embedded technology helps the business to gain an advantage over others.

Helps to Reinforce Customer Expectations – ERP solutions serves as the central tool for communication with the customers. It begins from the first point of contact to the last one where a customer might want or return the product or has some feedback to offer you. Adapting to the customer requirements is essential for any business to survive. From browsing a product to registering a complaint after purchase and delivery to final repayment of the bill, a customer can be served from single point of contact when all the related information is stored in a single system. The best ERP software is the most essential tool for any business to integrate customer experience seamlessly into their system.